Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shane Howard Band - On A Rampage

There’s only a few things I know about Texas. It is big, beautiful, and it generates some of the greatest country music artists in the nation. No exception is the Shane Howard Band.

Shane has been at it for nineteen years, and those of you who read my blog know that above all, I love perseverance. There is no crying in baseball, and there is no quitting in the entertainment business.

In 2002, Shane dissolved his band Rampage and became a member of the most elite artists in the world – songwriters. No more cover songs, no more shows just for the sake of showing off for a few bucks. It was time to have his message heard, which, in my opinion is the sign of a true artist.

My personal favorite Shane Howard Band song is "Hero In Us All." I relate to the lyrics, and I think it is a song intended to remind us all to bring out the best in us. However, all of Shane's songs are packed with meaningful, thought-out lyrics and insight.

"Rattle Snake Road" is another fantastic tune about small town living, but the best is "My Town." – “You’ve never been nowhere until you’ve been to my town.” Jacksonville is a long way from Riesel, TX, but we feel the same way.

I encourage all of you to give a listen to The Shane Howard Band and give them a follow on Twitter!

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