Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lord Have Mersi!

I’ve been producing music now for thirteen years. I’ve heard it all – the good, the bad, and the mediocre. I’m rarely overcome with excitement when I hear a new talent, but this time it’s different.

Mersi Stone is a powerfully vibrant sister duo originally hailing from Austin, Texas and now making a go of it in Nashville. Their music swings nicely in tempo, instruments, and harmonies, but the production quality never changes. It is perfect.

Most impressive to me, is that these two understand the challenges they face in becoming successful in the most overly saturated business market in the world, and they don’t care. They are in it to win it, and they are doing everything they can to make their success a reality. That is what it takes, and I love that kind of grit.

On their recent album, aptly titled Who I Am, the duo writes all of their own original music. That of itself is a rarity in country music and worthy of praise. There are far more singers and musicians in the world than songwriters, and a team that can do both is tops in my book.

I was first introduced to the sisters on Chasing Your Dream Radio, one of the few Internet radio stations true to its word regarding playing the music of new talent. However, you can find them many places. For live events, check out their calendar.

Also check out the video for "Almost Real." These two are headed for the top of the charts!


  1. This two are the Real Deal inside and out.

  2. Well said Donald. These girls are the REAL DEAL. Their lyrics are as raw and real as can be. The songs are jamming out as loud as you can in your car worthy,even with the kiddos!! I love this duo,they are crazy talented.

    1. Yes indeed. They are crazy talented, and even more importantly, they are working hard to prove it! RARE.

  3. I look at these girls a little different then others. I do promotions for them,so... I see them through the eyes of a huge fan and through the eyes of working with them. With that being said, your review nailed it! Thank you Donald. They are a promoters dream, they have it all, Talent, Beauty, Personality, and mostly the hugest hearts you will ever find. They put 150% in everything they do, interviews to charity work to concerts etc. In my opinion, Mersi Stone is TOP NOTCH and they WILL make it. Watch OUT. They are the real Deal. Sue Walton