Sunday, August 23, 2015

“I would rather sing for the next 13 years than to live a full life and never sing again.”

I think the title says it all, but please allow me to expound on Katie’s attitude a bit. To understand her thirteen-year limitation, read her amazing biography.

Musicians, singers, songwriters, and other artists are constantly faced with a decision: Live the traditional life - trading hours for dollars in some corporate "do-as-I-say" job, or pursue their life's calling, even if it means dying a pauper.

Every one of them knows it is the toughest industry to conquer, but they do not care. It is in their blood like an infection, and there is nothing they can do to quell it.

Most of music history is filled with artists that were relative unknowns until they had passed. The public did not recognize their brilliance until it was too late. However, the world now moves at the pace of Twitter, and it is time to jump-start Katie's music career.

Give her a follow on Twitter, and listen to her free music!

You can also find her on Chasing Your Dream Radio.

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