Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Nickel Made of Gold?

There is a saying in Jacksonville, Florida: “We’re really just southern Georgia.” Most of us, including Rickey Jonathon Lee Nichols are proud of that fact. We’d rather not be lumped in with the hip-hoppers of Miami, Tampa, or Orlando. The bulk of Jacksonville commerce is done by blue-collar people, including myself, Rickey and his wife Salina - a woman hopefully close to ending her battle with breast cancer.

When you listen to a song like "A Nickel Made of Gold", you get a sense of the true spirit of Jacksonville. The population is comprised of caring, hard-working individuals that would give the shirt off their back to put one on yours.

In this song, born while working on a tugboat on the Mississippi river (eight years in the making), Rickey pays homage to all of the people that have contributed positively to his life.  I am not going to spoil the song, so give it a listen to find out where the nickel actually came from!

I recently asked Rickey, “what is the secret to your unique voice?” He said: “West Virginia and Boyz II Men.” I was only expecting half of that, but when you listen, you will definitely hear both, and it works out very nicely.

"The Fight in Her Eyes" is an even greater testament to Rickey’s big heart as he picks up the battle to fight cancer hand-in-hand with his wife.

I hope that you will give both songs a listen and consider contributing to their GoFundMe campaign. Great songs, great people.

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