Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Importance of User Experience Design in Digital Marketing

The article The Importance of User Experience for Digital Marketing ; 5 Key Tips by Kristin Low is a succinct analysis of the need for User Experience (UX) Designers on a digital marketing team.

The article describes how traditional digital marketers align more closely with the static product(s) that their company sells, while Experience Designers focus more on the design aspect of products. Digital marketers are tasked with selling an existing product, while User Experience Designers attempt to discover what products their company’s customers want.

UX Designers do much more than create a user interface on the web. While that interface is a key part of the overall user experience, it can be considered just the initial porthole to the entire customer experience. Though a website might look wonderful, that becomes irrelevant to the customer if product delivery is slow, product customization is not an option, or any other number of negative circumstances exist in the interaction.

Anytime a customer interacts with a company, an “experience” is inevitable.  The question is which companies will adapt most quickly in the face of the Internet of Things to make sure that customer experience is maximized. While it may be true that in the near future, everything from our lamps to our toothbrushes will be sending and receiving data over the internet, it is still the paying customer that needs to be satisfied. The researched-focused User Experience Designers will be the ones to lead they way.

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