Sunday, June 29, 2014

Doing What You Love - No Excuses (inspired by Gary Vaynerchuck)

"Crowd Accelerated Innovation" (Chris Anderson, 2010) is an amazing new-age concept that leaders in the Entertainment Industry should make note of. In summary, it is the idea that the Internet is the driving force for today’s wheel of innovation.

There are three dials that spin the wheel faster: Crowd, Light (Visibility), and Desire. The Internet is the tool that ratchets up all three. Obviously an artist’s Crowd and Visibility are expanded via the Internet, often exponentially if the performance is superior or unique. But it is also noted that Desire is increased by the fact that a person can now create his or her own celebrity status with little or no help from anyone else. With nothing but an acoustic guitar, a web came, and mediocre talent, Jess Greenberg has made herself into a YouTube sensation. With eleven million views on just one video, she could have filled Anaheim Stadium approximately 122 times!

Jess is doing what she loves, so it is almost impossible to argue with her success. Gary Vaynerchuck said it this way: “There is no reason in 2008 to do shit you hate.” Six years later, that is even truer. The world is an open market place, and it is waiting for your passionate product. “You can lose just as much money being happy as hell,” Gary continues. If you are of the creative mindset, that statement should seriously resonate with you. Whether you are making money or losing it, you will be happy if you have found your life’s calling, and you are pursing it.

I spent the first half of my career as an accountant and business intelligence project manager, and I hated every second of it. Just like Gary, I had that “ah ha” moment, thank goodness. I decided that the second half of my career would be spent doing, studying, living and breathing my passion. I've never been more fulfilled or satisfied.

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