Friday, April 4, 2014

About Me

I am Don Beliakoff, the owner of Mogedo's Digital Recording Studio, LLC. (est. 2012), and I recently graduated valedictorian from Full Sail University's Entertainment Business Master of Science program.

Mogedo's is a music production, publishing, and promotion company.

The company’s mission statement is: “To provide quality music production and post-production services to the under-served entry level marketplace.” Our core services are designed to help artists launch sustainable careers.

Music production: The company offers professional-grade recording, mixing, and mastering services through Mogedo’s Digital Recording Studio, LLC. The studio is equipped with top tier music instruments and recording gear, and provides a professionally trained ProTools sound engineer.

Music publishing: Some artists are filled with musical talent, but have little to invest in themselves. Through Mogedo’s Publishing, the company caters to these qualified individuals through publishing agreements versus up-front recording fees.

Music Promotion: The company offers a wide array of affordable digital-marketing services to help boost an artist’s career. In addition to songwriting assistance, we offer website design and SEO, press release design, and digital photography services. Mogedo's owns and utilizes the entire suite of Adobe's Creative Cloud applications.

For information, contact Mogedo's through our website,, or via Twitter or Facebook @mogedos.

Happy music making!

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